SEAC Ear Plugs

190.00 ฿



SEAC Ear Plugs are perfect for protecting swimmers from ear infections and ear canal infections. This model consists of a stick covered in soft silicone. SEAC earplugs should be inserted gently, by rotating them, into the ear canal, before entering the water. After use they must be cleaned, dried and stored in the practical box. SEAC Ear Plugs completes the SEAC line dedicated to swimming that includes: floating modular belt, kick board, pull buoy, hand fins, short training fins, fabric and silicone swimming caps, swimwear, nose and ear plugs, swimming goggles and masks, rubber flip-flops and pool bags


  • Seac earplugs in soft silicone
  • Ideal for protecting your ears while swimming or other activities in the water
  • Practical box for storing earplugs after use

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