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Breathing Air Compressors

Explore the power of Coltri's high-pressure compressors

High-and low-pressure compressors for breathing air and technical gases

Portable Lines

Refill your cylinders with mini air compressors from the Portable line, even on board.  Lightweight and practical, these compressors have written history in the Coltri World, boasting excellent portability to follow you anywhere.

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01-Ergo-315-em (1)
Efficient line

The Efficient line features quiet, high-performance air compressors. Strong and “easy” in operation, they are the first choice for those who are already professionals. Products in the Efficient line also impress in flow rate: from 100 to 315 liters per minute.

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Prime line

Prime line compressors are high-pressure air compressors with condensate separator and dryer (optional feature on Super Silent TPS model) for tropical climates.

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In house Servicing

SDE provides repair and servicing for all types of Coltri Compressors at our head office in Prawet, Bangkok.  Carried out by our specialist in house engineers


Product Support And Parts Portal

Full product support including access to Coltri parts through the online trade portal allowing you to access parts at a click of a button and delivered within working days* of the order being placed to ensure minimal down time *subject to parts being in stock.

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