Ocean Dynamics Dive Slate With Pencil

420.00 ฿


The Ocean Dynamics White Waterproof Dive Slate – your essential companion for underwater communication. This dive slate is meticulously designed with practicality in mind:

Material: Crafted in a sleek white, this slate is waterproof, ensuring clear visibility and durability in any underwater condition.
Pencil: Comes complete with a specially designed pencil, securely fastened to the slate by a black leash, guaranteeing you won’t lose your writing tool in the depths.
Attachment: The black leash features a convenient hook clip, allowing for easy attachment to your belt or BC, ensuring quick access when you need it most.
Fast Retrieval: Equipped with a quick-release buckle, retrieving your slate is a breeze, providing you with essential information at a moment’s notice.

Experience seamless communication and unparalleled convenience with the Ocean Dynamics Waterproof Dive Slate.