Ocean Dynamics 1 Display Slimline SPG

4,825.00 ฿


Experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability with the Ocean Dynamics Slimline Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG):

Precision Engineered: This essential diving instrument is crafted with precision, delivering accurate pressure readings to enhance your underwater experience.

High-Contrast, Luminescent Dial: The high-contrast dial with luminescent features ensures easy reading even in low-light conditions, providing you with clear information at all times.

Rugged Durability: Crafted from rugged materials, the Slimline SPG is built to withstand the most challenging underwater environments, guaranteeing years of dependable performance.

Compact and Lightweight Design: Its streamlined form factor and lightweight construction make it effortless to integrate into your diving setup, without adding unnecessary bulk.

Versatile Swivel Mount: The swivel mount allows for flexible positioning, ensuring the gauge is always easily visible and accessible during your dive.

With a pressure range of up to 4000 PSI (or 300 BAR), this gauge provides real-time, pinpoint pressure readings, keeping you informed and in control throughout your dive. Elevate your diving experience with the Ocean Dynamics Slimline Submersible Pressure Gauge. Dive confidently, knowing you have accurate and reliable information at your fingertips.