Mares Instrument Mission 3

12,110.00 ฿


Included in the Mission 3 triple console are the pressure gauge, analogue depth gauge and compass. It is also possible to replace the depth gauge in this console with the Puck computer at a later date.

The most interesting aspect of this layout is the inclined position of the compass, which allows the two instruments (compass direction and air supply) to be displayed simultaneously.
The manometer is suitable for a pressure of 300 bar and is integrated in a shockproof plastic case.
The main features of the Mission 3 diving pressure gauge are:
– Modular design
– Easy-to-read display
– Brass case
– Technopolymer window
– Phosphorescent dial

The main features of the Mission 3 diving compass are:
– Oil-immersed
– Side reading window

The main features of the Mission 3 diving depth gauge are:
– Phosphorescent dial
– Oil-immersed
– Maximum depth hand
– Linear scale

The main features of the Mission 3 console are:
– Protective rubber console
– Multiple hook-up points



Customer Notice:

The risk of Scuba Diving without professional training can result in severe injury or death. To ensure the safety of our customers, we require proof of a valid certification from an internationally recognized training agency, or intent to undertake a professional training program prior to us fulfilling an order with this product.

An analogue console with pressure and depth gauges, complemented by a dedicated compact compass. Shockproof case with optimal inclination for easy and simultaneous reading of instruments and compass.

With the possibility of subsequently replacing the analogue depth gauge with a Puck capsule computer.